Welcome to Picturebox – a creative, specialist photolibrary for book designers, editors and self-publishing authors.

Picturebox has been around in some shape or form since 1997. Firstly as a basic interactive CD that used to get stuck in the CD-rom drive. Then two years later, as a frame-based website that no one ever found (thanks Ollie), that became obsolete overnight. (Mum liked it, though). But reluctantly, I had to put Picturebox on the shelf, vowing to return to it one day and fell into publishing. I became a book cover designer and as it turns out, it’s a wonderful life and cover design and photography go pretty well together, so over the years I’ve kept shooting and creating new images.

So, third time lucky: welcome to the all new Picturebox website!

Please make yourself at home. You can use the search box to look for specific images, or visit the gallery to get an overview of some of our content. Picturebox is a collection of original and exclusive rights-managed and royalty-free commercial images designed for book cover use. Our images are carefully edited, model-released and available to licence. We’ll be adding new images every month - check out the latest ones HERE, or subscribe by using the box below to get some of the newest images direct to your inbox. Thanks for looking. 

The fact that you're reading this, means it's already achieved more than the last website; so I think we can all agree it was worth the wait!

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